Troop 6 is a "Scout- lead" troop. The BSA's definition is that “empowering scout to be leaders” is the core of Scouting. A Scout troop is a small democracy. With the Scoutmaster's direction, the scouts are formed into patrols, plan the troop's program, and make it a reality.


In our troop, "Service leadership" lies at the heart. Older Scouts mentor younger Scouts and Senior Scouts run our activities- the meetings, monthly campouts, a great Summer Camp at Utica Reservoir off of Hwy 4, a Big Trip every 6 years to a distant locale.

“Training boy leaders to run their troop is the Scoutmaster's most important job.”

—Robert S. S. Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts of America

Image by Scott Goodwill

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Senior Patrol Leader


Image by Mael BALLAND

I grew up in Berkeley, attended Berkeley Schools, and have been an elementary school teacher in Berkeley for 30 years.

As Scoutmaster, I am proud to be part of Troop 6 in Berkeley, which for over 90 years has been guiding Scouts to develop a strong skill set for life.  All three of my sons are in the troop, and I have loved to share this experience with them as well.


The best part of Scouting to me is the friendships.  Scouting with others develops lasting friendships.  Some of my closest friends today were fellow scouts when I was growing up.   



Image by Matt Seymour

I am a local general contractor and a scout parent. I enjoy being a part of Troop 6 for the fellowship and to be a part of helping kids reach adulthood with a framework for success, both personal and professional.


I enjoy the weekend camps, the summer camp and helping out with eagle projects, merit badges and lower rank advancement. It is a great joy to be a part of Troop 6. 

Assistant Scoutmaster


Image by Jan Antonin Kolar

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Assistant Scoutmaster