Loch Leven Overnight Recap

Loch Leven backpackers

Loch Leven Backpacking

We met at 7:15 outside the church. We left around 8:00 and got to the start at around 11:00. We started the hike and made it to a lunch area at 12:00. When we started we reached a rail road very soon. The hike was mostly uphill with the a little downhill at the end. We had a lot of time for relaxation. Some of us decided to swim and Ruben made it to an island. After that we had dinner which was mainly made up of a Mountain House. We then played a game of mafia. Finally we got some much needed sleep. In the morning some of the people's stuff was covered in frost. We then had breakfast which was made up of bars. After breakfast we hit the road. We had lunch at the same place as the day before and finding time for a game of bang. When we were done with lunch we left for the cars and made it relatively shortly. At the parking lot we divided up into cars. From there we went back to the church and gave back extra food and equipment.

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