About Program

What is a qualification & Experience of Founder?

Dr. Anu Agrawal, Founder of onediettoday had Ph.D in Food Nutrition & dietetics with 8 Years experience.

What i will get during & after of the program?

During program Dr Anu will educate you all about the nutrition in our counseling sessions so after program when you achive your goal you will be able to manage your diet to sustain on right weight & healthy lifestyle.

What is mode & procedure of payment?

Packages need a one-time complete payment through Google pay, Phone pay for directly to account.

Can, I loss 5-6 kgs in a month?

Every individual has different metabolism so your weight loss journey can be different from others but I can promise that with me you will never feel hungry or tired from your food and get more than 99.9 percent better results, which will depend on your follow up, lifestyle changes that i told you.

I fear that after leaving the program i will gain my weight again.

I mainly trust sustainable healthy weight without any disease so your plan will reach all these targets & after leaving the program you will be your dietitian because i not only give plan i teach practical applications to my clients & patient.

About Diet Planing

Who will plan a meal Dr. Anu agrawal or her team?

All the diet planing & Counseling sessions will be done by Dr. Anu Agrawal only.

I dont have much time to eat & to preapre food, I eat a large meal at once to save my time. will you plan my meal accordingly?

I believe that portion control is very necessary & the key for portion control is right meal pattern. so i will teach you how to balance your meal plate and will give very effective and practical tips. In 6-7 meal pattern (3major meals & 3 light meals), i will give you ideas & food options which will not requre high cooking & package time & will be easy to eat even in crowd or in busy schedue.

How you will educate to our clients/patients?

Being a researcher my responsibilities to keep update to the entire community so I will keep sharing my blogs, publications and free nutritional science lectures with my clients/patients personally and others can directly read from my website.

About Exercise Planing

Will i recive excercise plan according to my timing in the same package price?

Yes, you will get 100 percent customized excercise plan according to your timing and your requirement.

Will you suggest to join a Gym?

No, I will give you home excercise plan only and if you wants to join gym i will plan your meals accordingly.