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BSA Troop 6 Berkeley

BSA Troop 6 Berkeley

    Troop 6 is a scout-lead troop with over 35 active scouts. We're divided into 4 scout patrols (groups of 4-8 scouts). Each patrol has a leader (about 14 years old). The senior patrol (15-17 years old = high school) runs the troop activities with the help of the patrol leaders. The senior patrol leader is in charge of the whole show. The troop staff (Scoutmaster & assistants, who are adults) coach the senior scouts and oversee activities. The Troop Committee is made up of parents and supports the troop and its leaders in many ways. Merit Badge Counselors are current parents, past scouts, past parents, former leaders, and community members. All adult volunteers within our troop complete Youth Protection Training every 2 years. Troop 6 has been sponsored by St. John's Presbyterian Church since the troop's founding in 1929. The church provides a safe place to hold meetings and store equipment. There are about 4 troops in Berkeley. Our troop welcomes scouts from all municipalities - not just Berkeley. We are part of the Herms District of the Golden Gate Council. The council provides a service center for registration, awards, training courses for leaders, campsites, program events, and liability insurance.
    • Weekly meetings prepare scouts in such skills as first aid & safety, hiking, camping, cooking, conservation, citizenship, communication, fitness, swimming, leadership, and common sense, etc. • Monthly weekend camps: beach, hiking, biking, skiing/boarding/snowshoeing, camporees (many troops), and backpacking. • Annual wreath sale • Community service projects • Summer camp: 2 or 3 weeks at our own wilderness site in the Sierras & a “Big Trip” (Hawaii, Tetons, Pacific NW, Alaska, etc) every 6 years.
    During the pandemic, we are following the restrictions and regulations put in place by Alameda County, the City of Berkeley, our local council and BSA for safe meetings. When it is safe and permissible, we meet outside at St. John's Church at College & Garber in Berkeley. When we are unable to meet in person, we hold meetings, merit badge camps, and social events online. You can find us in the parking lot below the church most Tuesdays at 7:30pm.
    ​1) We welcome new scouts throughout the year, but are most active during the school year. Please have your scout visit several troop meetings to see what our troop is about. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to visit too. Scouts do not need to wear anything special to attend the inquisitory meetings. Uniforms will be required for meetings once they are invested into the troop. 2) Complete application and health forms: • Apply online here • Health form (and medical release) 3) Pay dues of $275. $ 150 for Boy Scouts of America/Council dues that you will pay when you register. $ 125 for Troop 6 dues (Payable via check to Troop 6). 4) Have your scout memorize the Scout Oath (it is part of our joining ceremony). 5) When the above is done, there will be an investiture ceremony which parents/guardians are expected to attend. It will usually take place during the last part (8:15-8:50 PM) of a troop meeting.
    Troop 6 welcomes scouts from all over the Bay Area and even the world. Most of our scouts live in Berkeley and the cities surrounding it, but we've hosted scouts from France, Chile, Uruguay, Germany and more! We welcome scouts into our troop thoughout the year so long as they: - are between the ages of 11 and 17 - OR completed the fifth grade and are at least 10 years old - OR have earned the Arrow of Light Award and are at least 10 years old
    "Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much." -Helen Keller We are a troop that expects our families to be engaged. Your scout may be joining the troop, but parents & guardians are joining the community. ​Parents/Guardians are expected to help by: • attending all parent meetings • maintaining an up to date Youth Protection Training certificate • encouraging your scout to participate fully • helping your scout keep their records up to date on scoutbook • volunteering to help our troop and community in various ways such as - sharing the driving duties on camps - helping with wreath sales - being a merit badge counselor in areas related to your occupation or hobbies - serving on the troop committee - helping staff the various camps - the opportunities are endless!
    **The troop has scholarships available for families in need.** Dues cover: registration, medical insurance, Boy's Life magazine, & some awards. They are broken down into: 1. $ 150 for Boy Scouts of America/Council dues. (Paid when you register with scouts BSA). 2. $ 125 for Troop 6 dues. (Payable to Troop 6) Uniform: 1. Scout shirt (~$30-40) 2. Scout pants (~$45±) 3. Insignia patches (~$10+) 4. Belt (~$13+) 5. Neckerchief (free- given as a gift at the investiture ceremony) 6. Scout Handbook (about $18±) Camps: 1. Equipment such as sleeping bag, backpack, hiking boots, etc...($200 ±) The troop has a large collection of donated gear that you are welcome to use. 2. Each camp has its own price: weekend trips (~$12 for food) 3. Optional ski trip (~$200+) 4. Summer camp at Utica (~ $350 for two weeks) 5. Big Trip - every 6 years [Hawaii, Tetons, ...] ($1000)
    We want you to know that the safety of our youth, volunteers, staff, and employees is an important part of the Scouting experience. ​ Boy Scouts of America has some of the strongest barriers to child abuse found in any youth-serving organization and we are continuously taking proactive measures to safeguard youth. We require two registered adult leaders on all trips and outings, and we do not permit one-on-one contact between adults and youth members. Additionally, Troop 6 conducts background checks on all adult volunteer applications and requires all volunteers to complete youth protection training every two years.
    ​Please contact ScoutmasterTom Fairchild at


The first step for any Scout, is to come and visit Troop 6 a few times to meet us and see what Scouting with T6 is all about. Then the next steps are:


1. Complete the following forms:


2. Pay annual dues.


3. Regularly attend meetings and campouts to learn the Scout Oath, various knots, and other requirements for joining the troop.


4. Purchase a uniform (but not a neckerchief - this will be awarded later).


5. Once all of the above is complete, the child will be invited to attend an "investiture" ceremony where they will be formally invited into the troop and awarded a neckerchief. This is a special ceremony that parents are encouraged to attend. 

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